Convenient & Affordable

Control and monitor your home conveniently, using your smartphone, from anywhere.

Easy installation

The installation process is fast & they connect to your existing Wi-Fi network.

Security & Safety

Turn your home into a castle and keep your loved ones safe & secure with Zockethub.

What We offer

  • Home Automation

    Home Automation, also known as domotics, is “the building of home automation”, what we evidently call the smart homes.

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  • Curtain Control

    With our system now you can open or close you curtains with our app or your voice command.

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  • Gate Automation

    Gate Automation, consists of an electric gate which is basically an entrance gate that gets opened and closed via an electrically powered mechanism

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  • Video Door Phones

    Video Door Phone, additionally referred to as Video Intercommunication System or Video Door Entry, is a complete intercommunication system mainly used to manage calls.
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  • Digital door locks

    Now add extra security to your house with our Biometeric and password based digital Door lock system.
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  • Intrusion Alarm

    A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or other area.
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  • Motion sensors

    A Motion sensor is “a device that is used to detect moving entities, particular people”.

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  • Smoke detectors

    A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire.

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  • Gas leak detectors

    Gas Alarm Sensor is mainly used as a part of a safety system in order to detect the presence of gases.

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  • Boom Barriers

    We offer wide range of boom barrier solution for selecting access points in residential and industrial areas, even when traffic volumes are high.

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  • Sliding glass doors

    We have a wide range of sliding glass door systems which can bear different amount of weights

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  • Shutter motors

    With our system now you can open or close you window shutter with our app or your voice command.

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  • CCTV solutions

    Now you can keep an eye on every corner of your home with our CCTV systems.
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